90x55-buscard3If you want your image to extend to the edge of the card (full bleed), a bleed of no less than 3mm should be used.

“Bleed” is a printing term which refers to the extra colour that extends beyond the edges of the final document to be trimmed off later. This helps avoid inconsistencies and visible registration errors.

Please ensure all important text and graphics are more than 3mm from the final cut edge within the “Safe Zone” as slight inconsistencies with trimming can occur. Please see the graphical depiction of this below.

A minimum of 300dpi is required for printing. Files should be 100% actual size required.

Colour Format

All colours must be CMYK mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) - not RGB mode. This includeis any fonts, graphics or images used within the document's.

Acceptable File Formats

When you provide your artwork to us for printing, ideally the files must be print ready, however we can we can finalise your artwork to a 'print ready' state for you.

We accept most graphical formats, including TIF, EPS, BMP, AI, PDF, JPG, PSD and more.

If we are required to make changes on your behalf, please ensure that the file is not flattened — keep it as separate layers.


All fonts used in the artwork must be converted to curves/outlines before exporting the file for printing. This will ensure that no font substitutions or formatting changes occur.
However, if the job is incomplete, or future changes will be required to be done by us, you will need to include all printer and screen typefaces (fonts) used to create your artwork if any editing will be required.

Linked Graphics

Be sure to include all of your placed / imported images when you send your artwork. Missing graphics and fonts may cause your job to be delayed.
If you do not have artwork as per our specifications please contact us to discuss your options with one of our staff.