Binding — Plastic Spiral/ Wire/Thermal

  • We have a large selection of colours and styles to enhance your document, resume or report.
  • We offer different binding sizes from small to extra-large to suit your needs.

Plastic Spiral Binding

This is an economical way to present your document. Your binding includes a plastic front cover in either gloss or matt finish with a colour leather grain card stock backing.

Wire Binding

For the ultimate finish our wire binding comes in a variety of different sizes. Standard coil colours are white and black other colours are available on request. Your binding includes a plastic front cover in either gloss or matt finish with a colour leather grain card stock banking.

Thermal Binding

Ideal for small to medium size document up to 150 sheets a clear front and solid board back cover ensures your presentations are protected and your organizations image enhanced. Thermal binding makes mailing your presentations easy, as documents lay flat.

Laminating – Hot/Cold

The application of plastic film lamination to display posters, signs and boards they can be single sided or double sided, hot or cold.
Plastic film lamination protects originals, enhances graphics and signage with a wide range of surface finishes. It can also increase rigidity for handling and reduce UV fading for longer life of printed material and inkjet prints.

Hot or Cold Lamination?

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages determined by the kind of picture and printing process to be protected or enhanced and based on findings and experience in practice. Neither can be guaranteed because of the high number of factors that can effect the final result. Heat can often effect the material being laminated.

We recommend the following:

  • Hot lamination for standard offset, electrostatic, laser printed or photocopied material.
  • Cold lamination process for all printed materials, especially for standard inkjet, wide format inkjet, thermal wax prints and photographs. Being single sided cold lamination can be applied to images mounted onto boards and thick substrates.

Hot Roll Lamination

Often called encapsulation or heat sealing, applies heat activated film to both sides of the poster. Seals the poster and adds rigidity. Least expensive. Limited types of films available. The greater the thickness the more rigid the laminate.

Cold Lamination

Consists of a pressure sensitive film applied to the front of the print. Can also be applied to the back where encapsulation required. Gives superior clarity, is available in non reflective finishes. Is generally always used on the face of mounted prints.

Adhesive Backing

Both hot and cold finished laminates can be supplied adhesive backed (“sticky backed”) ready for mounting.


  • Prior to laminating, prints can be mounted to a wide range of backing material ranging from card, MDF board, foam board, core flute, acrylics and other sophisticated plastics.
  • We can advise the best option for your application and we have the latest technology to ensure blemish free results.
  • We can laminate small prints (up to A2) while you wait, great for menus, presentations, cards and small signage.